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@This is 1000 questions to help you to lead a happier life. We usually have simple questions that we want to ask, such as, gWhere shall we go?h or gWhat are we going to have?h in normal life, and another busy day has gone by. I sometimes want to think about my life seriously but... We are not sure which question works to get the answer we want out of others or ourselves, are we? @

@One day, I saw Quesley, and I could find a different point of view or see a new me by being asked questions I had never been asked before. Quesley always asks questions that give me a chance to know myself better or something I hadnft noticed before.@I realized that I can put my feelings into words if I have the right questions. I could change through finding my answer as long as I was asked questions by accident during my usual day even if I could not find my answer at the time. I totally understood that, gWhat kind of questions do I ask myself?h is the key to becoming happy.

@ There seems to be an invisible flow to the questions from Quesley! First, there are questions to break the ice, followed by questions to learn about yourself, then some questions to help you let go of the thinking which is keeping you from feeling happiness. At the end, you will recognize that you have already found your own happiness through these questions from Quesley. You can also use it with others around you by having them pick a number and asking the question, or you can lean on it when you donft know what to say.

@There is only 1 question per page. However, the answers go smoothly because each question is close to the next one. Also, Quesley sometimes ask questions to confirm your degree of happiness, and then you will be able to see a difference, and you will be happy! Moreover, you will enjoy seeing the illustrations which sometimes come up as a lucky item Anyway, letfs try gQuesley-ingh.


lab@One day, you activated "1000 Soul Searching Questions" which your friend had told you about and found "Can I ask you something?" on the front cover. You turned the page and saw a character named gQuesleyh. You answered, gNot bad.h to the first question, gHow are you?h and turned to the next page, where there was another question. After that, you could answer even 100 questions at a time as led by Quesley. You had never experienced a shower of questions like this in your life. How will your life be changed by the time you answer the last question from Quesley?



For self-exploration! To use as a tool for better communication! You can use it anywhere you need to get some answers, such as with students, clients, children, or your office! When you want to have a good conversation!


@Read in turns.
These questions have been put in a particular order. You will be led toward happiness by answering the questions.

ARead chapter by chapter
If you want to imagine the future, skip to the chapter gImagine your futureh. If you want to get inspiration, skip to the chapter gInspirationh.

BAnswer the question at the number that comes to mind.
You can use it as a kind of fortune teller. Enjoy synchronicity with one question in one thousand.


It will be regularly updated in the BLOG at the Quesley Store! (Japanese only)


I talk to my friends just in general conversation and have no chance to answer questions like these. When I went back to my parentsf home, my mother only asked, gHave you had dinner yet?h That was all. I really enjoyed being asked so many questions. (Male, 30fs)

When I read the question, gWhat were you doing this time last year?h it filled my heart and I almost cried. (Female, 40fs )

lab The illustration which come up sometimes make feel comforted There is a variety of questions, such as simple questions, unexpected questions, and questions which remind me of something I forgot. After I complete it, my heart becomes warmer. (Female, 40fs)

This is like fielding question fly balls. After that shower of questions, my body and heart both felt warmer. I was knocked out by the happy questions. (Female, 40fs)

I was surprised to get the best question for me when I picked a number randomly and opened to that page. I canft think about myself so often while raising my kids, so this is good for me. (Female, 20fs)

My mind was moved by the question. The illustrations are also something I really like. (Female, 30fs)

Finally, I have finished reading Quesley. It took 2 days. The pace is smooth, and I sometimes giggled at the humorous questions. Also, there is feedback after the questions through the flow of the following questions. It is wonderful. (Male, 40fs)

Everything has been going well. However, I couldnft answer the questions about gmy dream and goalh at all, and it shocked me. But that means I could find out what was missing. The questions sound like an echoc A couple of hours later, I got excited at finding my answer. Well, that is because of those questions. I laughed out loud at the illustrations. The questions and the illustrations show a sense of relaxation from the producer, and it warmed my heart. (Female, 50fs)