ME TOO (Hitomism1-4) is a documentary about how my (Hitomi Horiguchi) clients have changed their lives through life coaching.It is written by my clients and I have edited the manuscripts. 60 essays have been written over 5 years.


Writing Hitomism started in summer 2008. I came up with an idea for making essays about changing clients’ lives through my coaching sessions and I hoped that clients could help writing that.
One day, I told one of my client about that and then, the client said instantly “Sure, I will write it!” Hitomism1 was completed within a week.



The opening of Hitomism1 is like this…

As I write Hitomism, I dare to put the title
Hitomism1 because Hitomism 2,3,4,5…. must continue to be written by those who have suddenly changed their lives.


From there, it is handed over to other clients.
Each story is expressed about problems that are difficult to talk about to others and how they had breakthroughs and changed their behavior.



“Is this really what I want in my life?”
“Do I want to stay the same in the future?”

Everyone may feel uneasy, so ME TOO can be seen as a way to focus on different angles and cause them to become aware of themselves. Mental conflict is experienced in daily life. So it is real.


For those who want to find answers by themselves, ME TOO will be in your heart and lead you towards a brighter future.